HR Management Solutions

Our wide range of HR solutions provide you with the very best HR Support.

There are no fixed packages as such. Our HR Experts will work with you to build up a range of support to suit your needs.

These will then be fully costed for you and we offer a range of flexible contract terms depending on the needs of your business.

All the support you need in one place.

Our wide range of HR services provide a true end to end HR Experience

Our HR Solutions

HR Core Solutions

Businesses without experienced full-time HR managers benefit from HR Support because they need help putting in place basic structures — personnel policies that cover all the bases, hiring procedures that attract and select the best employees, and performance evaluation processes that provide clear goals and help employees achieve them. C4HR’s HR Tailored Solutions can help ensure that your business is compliant.

C4HR offers a practical approach to a HR Managed Service with a strong belief that an effective, proactive and commercially focused HR function can truly add value to the bottom line of any business.

At C4HR we are always trying to provide our Clients with an unforgettable HR experience by offering affordable solutions specifically tailored to each Clients individual need.

As well as offering our wide ranging HR services, we can now provide your business with Health and SafetyPayroll, Auto Enrolment and Occupational Health facilities – these services are welcome additions to our growing portfolio of services.

We are also excited also be able to provide a web based HR Management Hub to support electronic employee records and employee tracking with an integrated Document Hub containing all those important HR documents and forms.

Our friendly & reliable team of experts can proactively support and develop your people resources to achieve the maximum potential for your business.

A Fresh approach to HR” – providing clear resolutions to any employment issues while you concentrate on growing your business.

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