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Powerful people management made simple

Smarter HR on the go

A C4HR Strategic Partner

C4HR utilises the power of the MyPeople system to support the bespoke HR solutions we provide to our clients.

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Features of xl-orange-transparent

  • Core HR record keeping, absence and sickness management

  • Full lifecycle integrated recruitment

  • Collaborative manager and employee performance management

  • Talent management and succession planning

  • Document management system

  • Engaging and relevant data visualisations and analytics

Benefits of xl-orange-transparent

  • Cloud Based

  • Accessible 24/7

  • Mobile and tablet friendly

  • Flexible menu options

  • Full implementation support from C4HR

  • Valuable addition to the HR process

  • Integral part of the C4HR portfolio of support

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Interactive Dashboard

Review your personal, colleague, team and company information easily and clearly.

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Core HR record keeping and employee self service.

Structured company, department and team organisational charts, helping you visualise your company in a quick and modern way.

Target individual employees or create groups for common HR process to be applied

Powerful, beautiful analytics at an employee level

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Automated absence workflows, from requests to approvals. provides email and task notification, as well as attempted accruals and configurable entitlements.

Configurable and adjustable at company and employee level.

Holiday, sickness, special and parental leave, including configurable reasons for leave

Detailed visibility showing instances and reasons within specific time periods

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Powerful and insightful performance reviews enable you to improve individual and company results

Using the two stage process for performance reviews, employees and managers can fully engage for better results

Track an individuals development by comparing differences in their performance and scores over time

Compare reviews and scores against team, department and company

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An analytics suite that provides the information needed to help drive your company vision and culture. 

Company, department, team and employee based reports, highlight the impact of sickness on each, the size of your teams and your top performing talent

Get the data you need by adjusting date ranges and selecting certain teams or employees providing high impact results

Insightful data will help your business grow and blossom. Real data, real value

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Manages the process from beginning to end, from creation of vacancies and applicant tracking to storing required documents, and seamless applicant to employee workflows.

Advertise vacancies externally and internally, view all applicants in one place and ensure you’re placing top talent in to the right teams and departments across your company.

Seamless integration for successful applicants in to your employee database.

Historical insights into your recruitment trends and hire rates across teams, departments and company.

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Document Management

All of your company and employee HR documents stored in one accessible place.

From applicant to employee, documents flow seamlessly through the employee journey

Encompassing recruitment, absence management  and performance, a full documents history is simply maintained and available.

Distribute specific documents to key groups of employees, teams or departments

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