Occupational Health

Occupational Health Services

Our Occupational Health Services and Assessments Include:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment and Services can help you take the best actions. And to know what is required to successfully retain workers or assist people return to work following sickness absence.
  • Job Demands Analysis focuses on where the employee is now and what is required to enable a resuming of work following absence.
  • Ergonomics Assessments can help because you gain an understanding of how best to gain the correct People-Place –Role Fit.

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For more information on our Occupational Health Solutions, get in touch by clicking on the link, or by calling us on: 07809 768676 or via email at: enquiries@c4hr.co.uk

Expert Profile: Maria Morris, Occupational Health Expert

Maria is originally an Occupational Therapist.

Following suffering her own accident at work, she retrained. Maria has worked in Ergonomics, Occupational Health, Vocational Rehabilitation and Wellness for the past twenty years. She have successfully helped thousands of people in a similar situation to herself, overcome ill health, trauma and adversity.

She always works from a holistic perspective.

Maria has been a guest speaker at Back Pain Awareness Day or use of Ergonomics within the House of Commons, the Royal College of Nursing, Health and Safety Executive. She has also been a guest speaker or ergonomic expert on LBC Body Talks, for the Evening Standard, The Times, The Daily Mirror and BT for Business. And a Co Author of How Best to Work Pain Free in the Home Worker Magazine.